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1 Month FREE trial access to RRG-desktop

Duration: 1 month
Price: Free

When the Sign-Up button is not displayed and you have no access anymore to the API, you have already used your one-month FREE trial. Secure your uninterrupted use of the RRG Desktop application with a subscription

You can always check your subscription status in your account under My Subscriptions.



The RRG-Desktop application is a spin-off of the work that we did on our API and RRG-Online applications and combines technology from both.

RRG Desktop is an installable program which you can download from our site after purchasing a subscription.

The big difference between RRG-Online and RRG-Desktop is that the desktop application REQUIRES you to use your own price data stored on your own system. This solution does NOT provide any data for any market. The user has to have data (in .CSV format) available on his/her local computer. The RRG-Desktop only reads those data and draws the Relative Rotation Graphs from them.



If you are looking for a deep integration with more functionality and flexibility around Relative Rotation Graphs, please take a look at the services offered by one of our partners.

The RRG-desktop application offers the following functionality:


  • Select securities and benchmarks from local data sources (on your system)
    • .CSV data format
    • Interactive Brokers
  • Up to 50 securities in one universe
  • Toggle the display of securities on / off
  • Set the length of the trail
  • Animate the rotation
  • Scroll-zoom in / out
    • zoom in / out on the canvas zooms both axes
    • zoom in / out on the axes zooms only that axis
  • Drag plot within boundaries of the canvas
  • Snap axes to zoom in to use maximum real estate at fixed point in time
  • Snap axes to zoom in to use maximum real estate for complete historical rotation during animation
  • Play historical animation
    • By manually dragging the slider on the brush chart through history
    • By using the play button (start / stop functionality)


Subscription based

RRG-Desktop is a subscription-based service that needs access to our API. Once your free trial is over you can subscribe below and continue to use the service uninterrupted.

After subscribing please allow up to 30 minutes for the API server to sync with our subscriber database and activate your subscription.

1 Month access to RRG-desktop (price ex-VAT)

For the time being, we are only offering 1-month subscriptions at the introductory price of $ 6.00 per month (less than 2 Grande Lattes at Starbucks...). This subscription can easily be renewed from month-to-month (we will send a reminder). Going forward we will also introduce 3- , 6- and 12-month subscriptions.

Duration: 1 month
Price: $6.00

RRG-Desktop application downloads

RRG Desktop manual



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