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RRG consulting


Bespoke research based on your own data

If you, or your firm, are looking for help with the implementation of Relative Rotation Graphs, or Relative Strength analysis in general, in your investment process or research workflow we are here to help. 

This can be as a one-off project or in the form of an ongoing relationship.

We work with companies that share their portfolio holdings with us (just the securities, not the numbers, values, buy-/sell-prices) and their benchmark and we will provide them with a bespoke report with our views based on RRG.

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Generic research on demand

Others prefer a one off or periodic update on the relative strength and rotation of general markets. Universes that we cover on a regular basis are:


  • S&P 500 sectors
  • European sectors
  • Australian sectors
  • Japanese sectors
  • Regional equity markets
  • Commodity sub-indices
  • Regional/country fixed income markets
  • Currencies
  • ...


If you are using software of one one of our partners we will use the same setup to make our analysis blend in with your own work and systems.

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Don't know which (partner) system to use for RRG?

If you are looking to implement Relative Rotation Graphs in some form but are not sure which (partner) system you should use we are happy to provide you some guidance based on your situation. Just send us a message telling us your setup (professional/private, investment style, the scope of your markets of interest etc.) and we will respond with our honest recommendation.

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We love to hear from you and work with you on implementing Relative Rotation Graphs in your workflow or investment process, help you with bespoke research on relative strength or provide you with the tools to offer RRGs to your clients.
Whatever it is you would like to discuss, please drop us a note and we will respond promptly!
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