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The road to actually already started back in 2009.

In November of that year, I presented Relative Rotation Graphs for the first time at a major conference. The annual IFTA conference which was held in Chicago that year.

In the room was Greg Morris, someone I only knew from his books until then, he approached me after my talk and told me: "this was the first time in 25 years someone actually showed me something 'new'." When we found out that besides a passion for technical analysis we also shared a military / air force background, the day was too short and the bar did not carry enough bottles of beer for us.

At some stage, Greg asked me what I wanted to do with RRG. I told him I was already talking to Bloomberg for them to have RRGs on their professional terminal but that I would be very interested to be introduced to to get the tool on a service like theirs. Before I was back in Amsterdam Greg had connected me with Chip Anderson the president of offers a free version of Relative Rotation Graphs with limited functionality and only a small universe of US stock market indices against the S&P 500 index.

Subscribers will get full access to the RRG chart functionality and have the possibility to run RRGs on any universe and set any benchmark they want, provided, the ticker symbols are present in the database of course.

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