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OPTUMA software (former MARKET ANALYST) is a high-end Technical Analysis platform that offers its users a second to none RRG experience. This implementation goes way beyond the standard Relative Rotation Graph and also offers their users a wealth of additional functionality to make all your analysis work based on RRG even more actionable.


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On the OPTUMA site you will find a lot of resources around Relative Rotation Graphs and general information on the extensive capabilities of their software. To find out more about the RRG implementation by OPTUMA software please visit the dedicated RRG page on their site and request a demo or sign up for a FREE TRIAL of the software.

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The two videos below are introductions to Relative Rotation Graphs on the Optuma platform by Mathew Verdouw, the CEO, and founder of Market Analyst International.


Optuma RRG Introduction 1

Optuma RRG introduction 2


Optuma in combination with Bloomberg

Optuma subscribers will receive data for a market of their choice included with their subscription and they can subscribe to other markets. But, when you already have a Bloomberg terminal you already have (EOD or delayed) access to most markets in the world and you can install Optuma to run with Bloomberg as its data feed.
This setup is a very strong combination. It will give you access to all markets and data on the Bloomberg system, including your portfolios, lists and Custom Indices (CIX). And it gives you access to the premium features around RRG in the Optuma software.
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We love to hear from you and work with you on implementing Relative Rotation Graphs in your workflow or investment process, help you with bespoke research on relative strength or provide you with the tools to offer RRGs to your clients.
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