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This forum is dedicated to Relative Rotation Graphs and is your resource for all your questions, suggestions and feedback. We love to hear from you. The forum has several sub-categories. The FAQ is a closed forum where you can read answers to some most Frequently Asked Questions on RRG. RRG General is the area where you can post and get answers with regard to general RRQ questions or issues. RRG on partner systems is where you will find and can ask any questions specifically geared towards the implementations of RRG by our partners
  1. Julius de Kempenaer
  2. RRG FAQ
  3. Friday, 04 October 2013
RRGs or Relative Rotation GraphsTM (yes they are officially TradeMarked) are a visualization method to picture the relative position of all elements in a universe of securities against a benchmark and against each other. This means that RRGs can save the user time and provide additional insight which can not be achieved using regular relative strength charts.
A 'universe' can really be a collection of any sort of traded instruments/securities you like as long as their price series are comparable! Plotting an equity index in combination with a yield series in one RRG will cause problems on interpretation because of the inverted nature of a yield graph. As long as all elements of the universe are comparable RRGs can be used to analyse their relative strength.
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