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  1. FOK HoiMing
  2. RRG General
  3. Tuesday, 22 March 2016
Dear RRG Ltd.

I am new to RRG, using the tools at Stockcharts.com, I have got a chance to use this tool and
would like to ask a simple question regarding the interpretation between a Weekly RRG and Daily RRG.

I assume 1 week is with 5 trading days.
So in a weekly RRG chart, a 4-week RRG should have path as a 20 days RRG chart for the same stock.

The attachment shows two stocks TSN & FSLR in Weekly RRG and Daily RRG.

For weekly RRG chart, 4 weeks ago, TSN starts in Green zone.
But for daily RRG chart, 20 days ago TSN starts in Red zone !??
So why 2 RRG charts for same stock in SAME time frame tells different story ?

Similarly for stock FSLR
for weekly RRG, today 22Mar2016, it ends in Yellow zone but is far far away from Red zone.
for RRG daily chart, today it ends in Yellow zone which is very close to Red zone already ?!!

Could you explan how to interpret these weekly and daily RRG ?
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