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  1. Julius de Kempenaer
  2. Optuma
  3. Tuesday, 28 January 2014
When you open up your copy of Market Analyst there are a number of ways to create a Relative Rotation Graph. In this post we will cover the most basic ways to create a RRG and do some basic formatting.

Select New --> Multi-code chart --> Relative Rotation Graph. You will then be presented with the security browser to fill an RRG. (figure 1)

Inside the securities browser you can select which securities you want to show in the Relative Rotation Graph. You can either select a security and drag it to the box on the right or you can select multiple codes using your Ctrl and Shift keys and drag them over all at once. When done click the RRG button below, the RRG will then be drawn with the default settings. (figure 2)

The easiest way to become familiar with the basic formatting options of the Relative Rotation Graphs in Market Analyst is to hit the small "i" in the top-right corner after which a number of orange "i"'s will show up on the screen. When you hover your mouse over each "i" you will see how a setting can be adjusted.
The most important ones are the possibilities to make maximum use of screen real-estate. When you position your mouse anywhere inside the plot and scroll with the wheel of your mouse both axies will expand and contract at the same time. If you need to expand or contract only one axis simply position the mouse on that axis and use the scroll-wheel. (figure 3)

You also may want to limit or expand the size of the trail. The check-box "show tails" in the properties section allows you to toggle the trails on or off all-together for all securities. The "tail-length" allows you to control the length of the trail that is shown on the screen.
Ctrl + Left mouse click on the arrow toggles the trail on or off for an individual security. (figure 4)

Finally the check-boxes on the right side of the screen allow you to show or hide a security from the plot. (figure 5)
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