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Visiting MTA symposium in New York 7-8 April

Visiting MTA symposium in New York 7-8 April

Next month 7-8 April the 43rd annual MTA symposium will once again be held in New York, NY, for more information and a full line up of speakers please visit the conference page at the MTA website.

I will be attending the symposium and will be in the US a few days prior to the event. In Boston on Friday 1st April and Monday 4th and then in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday 5-6 April.

If anyone wants to meet with me during these days and talk about implementing Relative Rotation Graphs in their workflow or offer them to their clients via a website or use one of our current implementations, please get in touch so we can set-up a meeting.​ Otherwise if you happen to attend the symposium as well please hit me up during one of the breaks for a chat. I'm always happy to chat with RRG users and learn from their experiences.

Hope to see you there.


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RRGs implemented in a real world example
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