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Testing a new version of RRG-Online


As you may know, we have an implementation of RRG-Online on our site for a while already.

This has been and will always be an entry-level implementation with limited universes and limited functionality available.

It is meant for people who cannot, or do not want to subscribe to the solutions as they are offered by one of our partners but still want to keep an eye on market rotations in some major universes.

Where can you find it?

As this version is still in test-mode we have added a sub-menu to the original RRG-Online menu choice in the main menu.

The direct link to the new version of RRG-Online is:


If you are already logged into the site, the app will open in a new window. If you are not logged in yet you will see the login page where you will also have the option to create a new account (FREE) so you can try this new version of RRG.

What's in there?

For now, we have added a few universes for testing purposes. The final set of universes is still to be determined so we love to hear from you which universes you would like us to add to the set of universes that we will offer.

As a result of teaming up with Optuma in this project we will have the ability to offer more choices than before but please be aware that this version of RRG will always be a limited implementation with limited universes offered.


This online version of Relative Rotation Graphs offers you the possibility to easily switch between daily and weekly versions of the chart. 

Using the dropdowns you can toggle the display of individual securities on or off or switch them off or back on again all at once.

Under settings you find two switches to toggle the display of tails and labels on or off

The slider on top enables you to set the tail-length from 3 periods onwards and when you "grab" the slider you can scroll through the historical rotation and animate the chart.


If you have any suggestions, remarks, or questions about the use and implementation of RRG-Online please post them in the dedicated forum category?

The direct link to that section is : (need to be logged in)

We love to hear from you!


RRG Online now has a Full-Screen mode
RRG Desktop application (BETA)


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