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RRG to be launched on

RRG to be launched on

This is just a quick note to announce the launch of Relative Rotation GraphsTM on the platform.

Starting this weekend 19 July 2014 will be launching RRGsTM as part of their service to subscribers.


After Relative Rotation GraphsTM becoming available on professional information systems like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters EIKON and the high-end technical analysis software from Market Analyst international, this means the first major breakthrough for RRGTM Research into a much broader audience. Needless to say that we are very happy with this development.

Together with we are planning to make their platform the "home of Relative Rotation GraphsTM on the web". 

Clearly we will continue to work with our other partners on improving the RRGTM tools on their high-end professional services and software and provide our institutional clients with bespoke research products and consulting work.

Be on the lookout for an official press-release and a more in-depth blog-post with some background on the introduction and our co-operation with-, as well as the proper links to the pages very soon. Please view a sneak peek preview clipped from the previous newsletter by Chip Anderson below!



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