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RRG Desktop application (BETA)


Over the past few weeks, we have started rolling out a beta version of a stand-alone "RRG-Desktop" application. This utility is geared towards users who have their own data stored on a local PC (in CSV format) and will provide entry-level, basic functionality to render Relative Rotation Graphs.


At the moment RRG-Desktop is still in BETA which means that we are still working on its functionality and looking for- and fixing bugs. Our BETA testers are essential in that process as they run the RRG Desktop on various computers with various internet speeds and different versions of the Windows OS. Sorry no MAC version (yet) at this stage.

Very basic implementation and functionality

The RRG-Desktop is designed to be a very basic implementation to render Relative Rotation Graphs. People who are looking for more advanced implementations with more functionality should look into the various implementations that are offered by our partners. 

The RRG Desktop will provide you with the possibility to render a Relative Rotation Graph using data stored on your local computer. The graph can be zoomed in and -out and dragged around on the canvas. There are buttons to center the chart, use maximum screen real-estate and position the chart in such a way that the complete historical rotation will remain on screen.

Historical animation either by clicking a play-button or manually dragging a slider is available.


Before you use the RRG-Desktop, please be aware that it DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY DATA! The application relies on data being stored on your own computer. The application provides an interface to interact with various layouts and data-formats (text/csv based).


You are invited

If, for whatever reason, you cannot or do not want to subscribe to one of our partner implementations of RRG but you are looking for a way to plot basic Relative Rotation Graphs from your own data, the RRG-Desktop is for you.

You are invited to give the RRG Desktop for a spin if you re happy to work with a BETA version of the program.

Please login to the website or register for an account if you do not have one yet. Then go to the RRG-Desktop page and subscribe to the trial version (scroll to bottom of the page).

Testing a new version of RRG-Online
The background of Relative Rotation Graphs®


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