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Relative Rotation Graphs And Factor ETFs

It's Friday morning in Amsterdam and I just dropped my daughter off at school. On the way to my office, I usually stop at the local Coffee Company for a cappuccino and reading some, market-related, news, blogs etc.

For some reason, I noticed a lot of talk and articles on factor investing, factor ETFs, factors that drive markets. Pretty much "factors" all over the place. While looking out of the window, yes it was a rainy day, I was thinking about a way to use Relative Rotation Graphs in combination with "factors".

My thought was/is that "factors" can rotate in- and out-of-favor versus each other just like sectors or stocks.

Next thing I know I am browsing the internet looking for "factors", "investment factors", and "factor ETFs" etc. Believe me, it's a pretty crowded landscape ;)

Then I remembered that David Keller, one of our fellow commentators here on, had written an article on Factor ETFs a while ago so I looked it up for a re-read and see if I could use Dave's input.

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Original author: Julius de Kempenaer
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