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New book by Greg Morris

New book by Greg Morris

I am pretty sure that 99% of the visitors to will know the work of Greg Morris, or at least you will have heard about him. Greg is a veteran of the markets and without a doubt one of the leading technical analysts in the world!

Obviously I had heard about Greg Morris and read his books, or rather "book" as it was only one title then, when I started to get interested in Technical Analysis. Over the years Greg has published a few more that are all well worth reading.

Until 2009 I had never met Greg in person but that changed when I presented Relative Rotation Graphs at the IFTA conference in Chicago that year. Greg was in the audience and approached me after my talk to introduce himself. The words that stuck in my head after that first short chat were : "you are the first in decades to teach this old fox something new..."

We stayed in touch after that first meeting and Greg has been very supportive of Relative Rotation Graphs and never hesitated to introduce me to people in the field.

b2ap3_thumbnail_investing-with-the-trend-book-cover_20131220-102310_1.jpgIn July 2012 Greg wrote me a short message telling me that he was about to write his fourth, and so he says last but you never know, book and asked me if he could include a few paragraphs on Relative Rotation Graphs .... 

Obviously I did not object.. On the contrary I was thrilled that someone like Greg thought RRGs would be a worthwhile addition to his newest book. RRGs are only a short piece in Greg's newest book but that does not matter, it represents fine how I see the application of RRGs in the field. They are a piece of the puzzle, a (pretty cool) visualisation method, but definitely not the holy grail or a stand alone trading system. You will need a lot more and Greg unleashes all of his insights in "Investing with the trend".

If you are interested in "A rules-based Approach to Money Management" then by all means pick up a copy of Greg's newest publication as a valuable addition to your library!

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