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Julius de Kempenaer

The RS (Relative Strength) concept

​"Relative Strength" or RS is a widely used concept in technical analysis to compare the price performance of one security against the price performance of another security in order to choose which one of the two is to prefer over the other.
Julius de Kempenaer

Construction of Relative Rotation Graphs

​The construction of Relative Rotation Graphs is based on a scatter plot. The video at the end of the post shows the rotation through the various stages on the plot, with a short explanation for every stage. 
Yesterday's (6/11/2020) big drop in the S&P did not cause any weird hooks or unexpected rotations on the Relative Rotation Graph.If we start off in th
A lot of, very educated, people want us to believe that the market is a random walk. And you know... Maybe sometimes it is, but not always.This mornin
On this episode of Sector Spotlight, after a quick overview of asset classes and sector rotation, I dive into the mailbag and answer three questions.
The recovery of the Technology sector out of the March low has been in line with the S&P 500, only 1.5% better. With its strong (out)performance in th
On this episode of Sector Spotlight, I take a look at the longer-term picture for asset Classes and sectors using monthly bar-charts, then show how so
In this week's episode of Sector Spotlight (Tuesday 10.30-11.00am ET), I ran out of time to review outstanding pair-trades so I am writing them up her
One of my alerts on is based on the "Turtle Soup" Strategy, which was described by Larry Connors and Linda Raschke in their book Stree
On this episode of Sector Spotlight, I review the current rotations for asset classes and sectors. In addition, I explain how your investment horizon
Communication is key... The Communication Services started to come alive again after a dull period, at least in relative terms.Recently, I wrote about
Communication Services seem to be in high demand, looking at the price chart for XLC.After the March crash - or was it "just a dip," with hindsight? -
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