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Julius de Kempenaer

The RS (Relative Strength) concept

​"Relative Strength" or RS is a widely used concept in technical analysis to compare the price performance of one security against the price performance of another security in order to choose which one of the two is to prefer over the other.
Julius de Kempenaer

Construction of Relative Rotation Graphs

​The construction of Relative Rotation Graphs is based on a scatter plot. The video at the end of the post shows the rotation through the various stages on the plot, with a short explanation for every stage. 
Since printing its high on 1 May, the S&P 500 has struggled to keep up and make its final push through resistance. Over the last three to four days, t
The Healthcare sector is not in its best shape. On the Relative Rotation Graph for US sectors, XLV is deep down inside the lagging quadrant against SP
The Relative Rotation Graph shows the five technology stocks inside the DJ Industrials index, all of which are at the right-hand side of the RRG. This
On the Relative Rotation Graph for US sectors, technology is doing very well with a rotation well inside the leading quadrant and pushing further into
Last Thursday, 18 April, was the third Thursday of the month, my regularly scheduled guest appearance on MarketWatchers LIVE. As Tom Bowley was enjoyi
At yesterday's close, the Financials sector (XLF) crossed over into the leading quadrant on the daily Relative Rotation Graph. The tail started to cur
When acting in an environment of uncertainty, of which financial markets are a prime example, it is a good habit to double check any findings. Just ge
Since the start of the month, NFLX is lagging the S&P 500 index by more than 5%. This is following the, relative, weakness that entered this stock aft
Looking over some Relative Rotation Graphs this morning showed me that the Information Technology sector is currently the strongest sector in the S&P
For asset allocation analysis I mostly use VBINX, that is a balanced index fund by Vanguard that holds 60% in stocks and 40% in, a mix of, bonds. This
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