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Julius de Kempenaer

The RS (Relative Strength) concept

​"Relative Strength" or RS is a widely used concept in technical analysis to compare the price performance of one security against the price performance of another security in order to choose which one of the two is to prefer over the other.
Julius de Kempenaer

Construction of Relative Rotation Graphs

​The construction of Relative Rotation Graphs is based on a scatter plot. The video at the end of the post shows the rotation through the various stages on the plot, with a short explanation for every stage. 
The chart above shows the weekly rotation for the Materials sector, XLB, within the universe of US sectors against SPY. After the tail turned upward i
On the weekly Relative Rotation Graph for US sectors, XLI, the Industrials sector is crossing over into the leading quadrant from improving. This indi
Here's some shameless self-promotion! On Monday 11 March I will be doing an RRG presentation at the TradersEXPO in New York and you are invited. For F
My last article in the RRG blog looks at sector rotation for US sectors and how there are some disconnects between groups of sectors on both the daily
The Relative Rotation Graphs, both daily and weekly, for US sectors are showing big disconnects between sectors. The image above holds the US sectors
One of the choices in the drop-down selection on the Relative Rotation Graphs page is the DJ-industrials (Dow 30 Industrials). This RRG shows the rota
On the daily Relative Rotation Graph for US sectors, the rotation of Financials stands out. The tail is relatively long, indicating that there is good
The Relative Rotation Graph shows the rotation of the stocks in the Consumer Staples sector against XLP, the Consumer Staples sector index. Keen obser
The chart that I want to share with you today is part of a (bigger) research project that I am doing with regard to the various phases in economic cyc
In this article, we are going to take a look at commodities using Relative Rotation Graphs and the Bloomberg commodity index family. When possible, I
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