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Julius de Kempenaer

The RS (Relative Strength) concept

​"Relative Strength" or RS is a widely used concept in technical analysis to compare the price performance of one security against the price performance of another security in order to choose which one of the two is to prefer over the other.
Julius de Kempenaer

Construction of Relative Rotation Graphs

​The construction of Relative Rotation Graphs is based on a scatter plot. The video at the end of the post shows the rotation through the various stages on the plot, with a short explanation for every stage. 
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A good way for you to check what has been driving a particular market is to go to the "Market Movers" widget on your dashboard and select the universe
When you open up and go to Your Dashboard, one thing you'll find is a section called "Market Movers", located in the top-right corner
At present, the Technology sector is rotating through the weakening quadrant on the Relative Rotation Graph. Following a strong move in the first mont
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I do not believe that there is just one single tool, strategy, method, etc. that fits all our needs as investors or traders. For me, the power of rese
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